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Feel free to ask us which is Today's dish "Plat du Jour"

Lobster soup rich and creamy with salted salmon. – 145 kr.

G.S.S (H.S.P) Herring mess – Shrimp mess – Pickled Baltic herring.165 kr.

Grilled roast beef on dark rye bread topped with grated horseradish & dressing of Rönnerdahl mustard. – 135 kr.

Main courses
Pan-fried mountain trout with white wine and rum sauce, sautéed chard & buttered fresh potatoes. – 265 kr.

Baked cod loin with horseradish cream, browned butter, sugar peas & fresh local potatoes. - 255 kr

Fried herring flounder with browned butter, rawstird lingonberries and smooth potato puree. – 195 kr
Grilled roast beef with horseradish cream, lukewarm prime & fresh potato salad. – 255 kr.
“Wretmans” Wallenbergare (miced veal steak) with shredded butter, green peas, raw lingonberries & smooth mashed potatoes. – 225 kr.
Grandma ”Berta” from Övre Holm's meatballs with pickles, rawstired lingonberries & tender potato puree. – 195 kr.
The dish of Östergötland, Raggmunk (potato cake) with rawstired lingonberries and fried pork. – 175 kr.
VEG Steak on green peas with flaxseed cream, chard, shredded butter & grated horseradish. - 195 kr.

Creamy vanilla ice cream with strawberries. – 105 kr.

Mother Rönnerdahl's strawberry meringue mess. 135 kr.

Carlshamn's Flag Punch with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. - 125 kr. (from 18 y).
Chocolate truffle flavored with Östgöta grain brandy. – 55 kr.

... we at rönnerdahls strive to prepare the food with locally grown and organic ingredients as much as possible. In addition, most things are prepared from ingredients to served dishes.